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A selection of Ten21 Recording Studio's Testimonials

Tim Warner (Part-time recording hobbyist)

"Thanks for all your great work" …. “You're a genius...close the window it's a wrap! Thanks a million.” ……

... “the latest from the ten21 stable thank you Sean, you've made the orchestra sound fabulous and the rest of us sound pretty good too."

... “you provide an excellently creative environment and you have great skills. We recorded some good stuff.”

... “Seriously great work and recording. Well done!” ... “You did everything you said you would do and your mix is excellent. “


Paul Beard (Keyboard player for James Blunt)

"We had one day booked at Ten21 recording studios and 4 instrumental tracks to complete. Not only did Sean have us up and running in no time but it sounded great, especially the drums.

A brilliantly thought out and designed studio, getting the right vibe was easy as we all felt comfortable abusing Karl the drummer over a video intercom. It turns out Sean got things done so quick we were able to record and rough mix 5 instrumental tracks in one day. I'd buy that for a dollar. Or the daily rate."


Tony Fennell - USA (Ultravox. Writer/producer)

"A great sound. A great engineer and without doubt, Ten21 recording studio is the best kept secret in the UK."


Karl Brazil - (Drummer - James Blunt, Robbie Williams, Feeder, Lulu, Darius, ..etc)

"Ten21 recording studio is Rocking! You make my job a lot easier. Great sound in a beautiful location. Let's build some more sheds soon, thanks Sean."



Tony Newton (Bass player - Voodoo Six / Iron Maiden - live recording)

"Ten21 is set in very comfortable surroundings and is a superbly built modern studio. Sean (the owner) made us most welcome and nothing was too much trouble. Highly recommended."
Tony Newton


Mick Nolan - (Singer/Songwriter)

"I’ve worked at many recording studios over the years, both as a session player and more recently as a solo artist. Ten21 have now become my preferred option for a range of projects,including my debut album “Breaking Out”.

Sean’s expertise is top level, not just in producing and engineering, but also as a musician. This is a guy who clearly loves his job and puts his heart into every project.

If you want great results in a friendly, efficient and fresh environment, without paying top rates, this is the place to come.

In-house drummer, Charlie Kenny, session-ed for me on percussion. Charlie is capable of laying down creative drum tracks in no time at all, which enabled me to keep costs to a minimum. Sean also sessioned on various instruments. His musical talents alone make him a great guy to have on-board.

I also had “Breaking Out” mastered at Ten21. Check out Mick Nolan on CD Baby to hear the results.

Thanks guys."

Mick Nolan


Ben Russell and The Charmers

" Ten21 was a top studio, Sean was great to work with, highly professional and operated his gear like a jockey winning a race. Its a fun yet productive studio.

Very happy with the results and would recommend."


Super Thursday (4 piece indie rock outfit)

"We took our demo track to Sean, to re-record and mix all in one day. Needless to say, the track came out FAR better than any of us expected, with the drums sounding like musical ecstasy!

Absolutely fantastic day/evening Sean, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and we shall most definitely be staying in touch for future projects.

Have a good one Sean!"


Graham Landi (Singer/Songwriter)

"Sean Kenny (owner of Ten21 Recording Studios) - Never was the phrase "I couldn't have done it without you" more apt. Quite apart from engineering, producing, mixing the album and playing half a dozen instruments on it, your encouragement, ideas and enthusiasm for the project have been inspiring and very important to me"


Dave Holmes (Session Guitarist - Songwriter/Solo Artiste)

"I've recorded a couple of albums at Ten21 as a session guitarist. It makes a pleasant change to be up on the first floor, in a light airy room surrounded by greenery, rather than the usual dinghy basement studios. When I embarked on my own project I asked my drummer where he'd got the best drum sound and he recommended Ten21.

Whether we've been recording acoustic guitars or my 100w Marshall flat out, the results have been excellent."


Alec McCullie (Drummer with Ledbetter)

"Ten 21 continues to go from strength to strength. Sean's commitment and pursuit of continual improvement is evident in both the quality of the sound and the way he gets results.

Sean has now added an armada of snares to his already great kit and I can fully understand how he is achieving his reputation for great drum sessions. Every sound we wanted was effortlessly realised as well as solid advice and guidance to improve the sound.

Highly recommended"


Ben Rogers (Company Founder of Habit Productions Limited)

“Sean, i just wanted to say what a fantastic recording studio ten21 is, and what an amazing sound you provided us, thank you for your services

It’s great to work with passionate like-minded people and always helps to provide a great finished product!”


Kingsley Ronald (Singer/Songwriter - Kingsley Ronald and the Caution Horses)

"Great studio and Sean was very helpful and useful. He popped a chord here and there which 'made' the song and didn't request a credit nor royalty!

Brilliant place to work and a lovely country retreat to relax in out of the studio.

For sure 'Kingsley Ronald and the Caution Horses' will record at Ten21 again."


Felix Wright (Producer/Songwriter)

"I have used Ten 21 Studios on two occasions for recording vocal leads and overdubs. The Studio is set in beautiful grounds in the countryside and has a relaxed but still professional feel.

The owner (Sean) went out of his way to ensure we were fully prepared for each session. The quality of recording equipment is of the highest standard and Sean's skill and experience are invaluable in capturing 'that special moment'.

I would highly recommend this Studio. "


Sheer Joy Music - Jennifer Douglas

"Speaking on behalf of Sheer Joy Music, I can honestly say that I could not have worked with a more professional Studio. The support was great and the proof of the pudding being in the eating, suffice to say that the finished CD went to #3 in the NCM UK Charts and #5 in the NCM Euro Charts.

I will certainly be using the Ten21 Recording Studio again in the not too distant future. "


Nigel Nesbitt (Bass Player - The Hayley Oliver Band)

"Sean's studio is as good as the photographs suggest. He is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

The Album that he produced for The Hayley Oliver Band "Naturally" surpassed what we thought it would be, in the quality of the recording and in the mixing of the tracks.

We are very pleased and we will be back to use him again."


Ben Green (Guitarist - The Goosebumps)

"Hi Sean,

Just a quick note to say thanks for recording our band and doing such a superb job. The finished songs sound excellent and better than we had expected. We have an album to be proud of thanks to you!

Cheers mate,



Danny (Lead Singer – Sundown)

"I would absolutely recommend anyone using Ten21 Recording Studios as the sounds and ideas Sean was able to coax from us were absolutely excellent.

We ended up with three great sounding tracks and really enjoyed the whole process and would certainly return in the future. I believe players/musicians/writers would all benefit from time spent at Ten21.




Aura (New Age artiste)

Ten21 recording studios is set within and surrounded by beautiful countryside. It is the perfect setting. The studio is fresh and inspiring and has plenty of light, giving a feel of space and freedom.

Sean is very easy to work with, he provided a warm and yet dedicated focus while working on my track. I am very pleased with the quality of the production and the overall recording experience.

Thank you Sean for your hard work, it has been a pleasure to work with you.



Dan Cochrane (Lead Vocal/Guitarist - Ledbetter)

"Hi Sean

Just want to say again a massive thank you for everything. We had a great time, learnt loads and are really pleased with the result.

It was a pleasure working with you."


Alex Leckie (Session Singer/Artiste)

On both projects I worked on at ten21, the service and facilities were of a very high standard. As opposed to some studios where you feel like a number, Sean made my experience really individual and unique.

From recording to engineering, Sean is a true professional and you can tell he loves what he does! The studio itself is welcoming and accommodating for all musicians. I would recommend ten21 to anyone wanting a top quality product and also an enjoyable and memorable experience. Cheers Sean!


Andy Woodard (Drummer - Freshman)

"Mixing my project at Ten21 recording studios has been a great experience. With such a good array of processors our mixes were sounding great within just a few hours. Sean did a fantastic job even though the recordings weren't made at Ten21, which in hindsight would have been a better way of recording. His accuracy for time and pitch meant he was able to iron out all our imperfections and make us sound incredibly tight; and this attention to detail doesn't stop at any point of the day, even when hunger sets in!

The best thing was that the mixing environment at Ten21 doesn't colour the sound at all, so the mixes sound great on other systems like iPods, car speakers etc. It was a joy working with Sean and Ten21 recording studio and I shall be bringing more mixing and recording projects his way very soon."


Aaron (Guitarist - Darkroom Project)

"This place is awesome. I have my own studio and i'm picky about getting a good sound, but the benefits of using ten21 recording studio with its renowned drum sound far outweighed trying to match it at home or at a local studio.

This place has a great vibe, great gear and a great engineer but one of the best things about it, is it's affordable. We're an unsigned band so funding is tight but thanks to ten21 we were able to get a fantastic recording (on every level) and not have to take out a mortgage."


Terence Reis (Lead Vocal/Guitarist - Waterhorse)

"Hi, Sean. I'd just like to thank you once again for all your hard work, patience and going the extra mile with us. We couldn't have hoped for a better person to work with... I also feel as though we have learned so much in such a short time and we can't wait to get in and do more! The tracks are up at MySpace as we speak."


Stan Belton (Lead Vocal/Guitarist - Black Market Karma)

"Our time at Ten21 recording studios was one of the most enjoyable things we’ve done as a band. Sean went flat out, over and above the call of duty, to help us get where we needed to be. No matter how many times someone said “EQ that bass” or “maybe the vocals could be a bit louder?” he never lost his cool! I listen back to the recordings now and I wouldn’t change a thing, they sound awesome. Sean Kenny, you’re the man.




Mike Goodlet (Singer/Songwriter/Producer of "Emphasize")

"Ten21 is definitely a rare and unique recording studio. For a very reasonable price I was able to get results beyond what I had imagined in a medium sized studio.

The place has been custom built and intelligently laid out to be a comfortable working, and extremely accurate listening environment.

The drum sound is gorgeous- that is the real star turn for Ten21 Recording Studios.

Sean is an excellent musician and engineer who I am sure adds immeasurable value to any project he works on. The place is stacked full of lovely analogue gear and all the top-notch software plug-ins you would want to produce professional mixes. No expense has been spared in the setup of Ten21 and it has clearly been built for musicians who really want to go that bit further to achieve a sound quality to match their ideas. I couldn't have wanted my mixes to sound more fat, punchy and professional than what we achieved at Ten21. It was an excellent investment from my point of view and I would recommend this studio to anyone."


Guardians of Dust

"Going to record at Ten21 means having a very professional and friendly recording engineer making sure every song will sound absolutely fantastic. Sean's got great attention to details and will make the right suggestion at the right time to save you time and make your song even better.

No better value for money in South East England, that's guaranteed. We've been to so many studios in and around London, look no further, it's Ten21 you were looking for."

Norbert Marjolin"


Norbert Marjolin (Singer/Songwriter)

"As a singer song writer on a budget I have to say the service I received went beyond the call of duty. Music knowledge and experience of the engineer was invaluable, can't recommend highly enough.

Norbert Marjolin"


Alana Ashby (Manager/New Legends Music Management)

"Not only is Ten21 recording studio set in the most beautiful and relaxing surroundings but also has an atmosphere of "home". You feel warm, welcomed and comfortable the minute you meet Sean.

Our 3 days (or more) at the studio were 3 (or more) of the best days we spent together as artists. The quality of the recording was brilliant, the craftsman ship from Sean, not only recording but also with advice, help and tweaking was superb.

Have recommended the studio and will continue to do so. Plus we will be using Ten21 again. "


Tim McKeating (Artiste Management for Sevenday Weekend)

"We have recorded nearer to home and with less investment previously, but these 'cheaper' demos do not compare to the superb recordings we achieved at Ten21. This is the first time I have listened back to the recordings after many weeks and NOT wished anything was different! I believe this is the real litmus test for any studio/producer and speaks volumes for Ten21 recording studio."



"It was a pleasure to work in a comfortable, relaxed and highly professional environment. Sean is an inspiring and enthusiastic technician with a gift, .... helping you achieve your sound. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the studio, both professionally and personally. Ten21 is the studio for anyone serious about recording."


Hayley Oliver

"Ten21 recording studio has first class recording facilities, excellent sound quality and production, and a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. I have always found Sean Kenny to be approachable and flexible in accommodating my recording requirements. Sean is always willing to take time to offer assistance and advice and pays great attention to detail to get the best results. I have completed two albums with ten21 and am very much looking forward to working with Sean on further recording projects in the future"

Andrew Rainsbury

"We're new to recording, and Sean was great, really helped us through it.

He could've just pressed record and let us run through it and wasted our time and effort, but instead he went out of his way and beyond to make sure we had the greatest result we could. He gave us advice in all the right places and took in everything we said and asked for. Definitely going back, it was not only a great result, but a fantastic experience.

Cool guy, great place, epic sound."


Ice Cold in Alice

"Dear Sean

Just a huge thank you for recording our demo last Saturday along with the extra hours you put in for us!

The CD sounds amazing!

From Hannah, Dan, Chris & Malc (Ice Cold in Alice)"


Tommy Levin (State of Mind)

"Having been to many studios over the years to record albums and demos' Ten21 is by far the best. Sean is passionate and dedicated to his work and a pleasure to work with. Tommy Levin."


Steve Pryor (Plain Loco)

"Friendly and efficient service with attention to detail. Top quality equipment and knowledge with a determination to get the best product."


Mottie Akapo

"Loved working with Sean and Charlie and they were both fantastic......... All in all it was a great first recording experience for me."


Anna Lang

"I have recorded at Ten21 a number of times. the quality of the recordings , production and service are superb. I could not imagine using another studio.

Due to the fact that Sean shows incredible attention to detail, has a fantastic creative edge and is a friendly and totally obliging guy, I would easily refer anyone to him."


Shaun Murray (Ray Peters Band)

"Of all the recordings I've ever taken part in, the one I did with Sean is the one I'm most proud of. His knowledge of how to achieve an authentic Country sound is second to none, and being the brilliant musician/arranger he is, we gratefully received both his advice and his instrumental contributions.

Although not inexpensive, the end result was absolutely astonishing - people who listen to the album now without exception say what a superb recording it is. Anyone thinking of recording with Sean can rest assured they are getting the absolute best."


Chelsea Artistes (Artiste Management)

"We were EXTREMELY impressed with not only the quality of the recording you produced, but we have to thank you for the attention to even the most minor detail, in an effort to get the very best out of our band."